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Simply fill in our ‘Fan of the Week’ questionnaire and submit a photo and you could be on your way to making a guest appearance on ‘Two Blue Quarters’.

We want to know about your experiences following the Gas, your favourite players, your highlights from past campaigns and you can also pick your favourite team from past or present Rovers stars.

There are 18 questions in total and the best submitted questionnaires will be published online at www.twobluequarters.co.uk throughout the season.

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    1: Who was the biggest influence on you becoming a Rovers fan and why?

    2. What do you remember about your first Rovers game?

    3.Who was your Rovers hero when you were growing up and why?

    4. Who is your favourite player in the current squad and why?

    5. Of the young players that have forced their way into the squad who excites you the most and why?

    6. Who is your favourite ever Rovers manager and why?

    7. Did you travel to away games. If so what was the most memorable away trip and why?

    8. What was your highlight from the 2014/15 season and why?

    9. Are you a season ticket holder? If so what part of the Memorial Stadium are you in on match days?

    10. Who do you usually go to games with?

    11. What is the best Rovers game you have ever been to and why?

    12. What has been you most disappointing moment as a Rovers fan and why?

    13. What’s your pre- and post-match routine for home games?

    14. What do you usually do at half-time?

    15. If money was not an issue which player in the world would you most like to see playing for Rovers and why?

    16. What changes, if any, would you like to see made at Rovers and why?

    17. Name your Rovers dream team using eleven players past and present starting with the goalkeeper and going through each position on the pitch.

    18. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your life as a Rovers fan?

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