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      With the protocols being fully implemented in all stadiums and this new variant running wild, I am starting to think that we could face another season like the previous one, or at least this entire second part, where we won’t be able to go into stadiums even fully vaccinated or they’ll start allowing 2-3 thousand fully vaccinated people in. Any similar thinkers or am I just starting to get a bit too paranoid?


        Really hope that partial closing and limiting stadiums to 2-3k won’t be the case mate, would basically mean that only the home fans will be able to attend so we can say goodbye to any away fixture while also having just 2-3k at home with the current average attendance of almost 7k means that lots of us won’t get into Memorial either.


          I can’t see there being a ban on fans at grounds again.


            I hope there won’t be one (a total ban) but they could limit the capacity which would hurt everyone. If people are fully vaccinated there are no valid reasons not to let those people attend and we should keep our average attendance at 7k at least during the second part of the season, probably even raise the numbers if we keep playing like we did yesterday.


              No way for them to ban us, we will see our boys get promoted first hand. 🙂 UTG!!!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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