Scunthorpe 2 – 3 Gas

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      Another big away win lads, and I had to make a post about it tonight. Would be glorious if not for those two late goals (which we could have avoided easily and kept a clean sheet) but this still looks like the type of match we have to win in order to even think about promotion. 3 goals scored, controlling the majority of the match in every aspect and we are getting close to being a real threat for those 6th or 7th spots.


        Not some great opposition but this was indeed a big one and we have to routinely beat teams like Scunthorpe if we want to even dream about the play offs. Those two late goals show that our defending is still not good enough while midfield once again looked great and if we manage to get the back line to play better we will be on the right track to a top 7 place.


          I really hope that we can keep winning against objectively worse opposition as we did lose some points early into the season against teams we should have beaten and the boys need to come out strong against everyone. This said we are only a couple wins away from serious playoff chances and I believe that JB can take us there. UTG!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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