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      Any thoughts about the Connolly kid who came on loan? With our current situation we could use all the help we can get but I still think we need a couple more experienced lads in during the winter to keep us up.

      Would love to hear what everyone else thinks. UTG!


        Was thinking about the same thing really, the young lad looks promising and should certainly help with defending but I would love to see someone who can create chances and maybe net a couple as well, not sure if there is a player of such profile available for free or as a loan option.


          Don’t know who could be that creative scorer you are hoping we can sign @upthegas but I really hope that Taylor won’t be recalled back to Stoke, saw some rumours regarding that earlier today.


            For me personally, having Loft upfront for the second part of the season might be crucial. Not sure we’ll get many more new ones in as Barton said that we need to get a couple of players out by the end of the transfer window. They might still sign someone new if 2-3 lads leave the team so they can get space to bring one new who will actually be of use and play big minutes.


              If Connolly is as good as Taylor then we are going to be strong at the back in the second half of the season. I really hope he’s not going to be a replacement for Taylor.


                Pretty sure we won’t lose Taylor, would make 0 sense to do it and basically give up on the promotion battle with such a move.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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